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Short history

                                      „THE CLOCK-TOWER SCHOOL”


The first edition of that contest took place in 1998 at “TAKE IONESCU” ELEMENTARY SCHOOL from at the initiative of the mathematical teacher SMĂRĂNDOIU  ŞTEFAN.

Founded in 1832,  over time, the school has had many names: “Boys School Number 1” and respectively “Girls School Number 1” , “The Clock-Tower School”, “Take Ionescu” School, Number 1 School, “I.L. Caragiale” School, at present coming back at the name “Take Ionescu” School.

Even its name has been often changed, its fame has been kept and it remained in memory of Rm. Vâlcea inhabitants, especially as „The Clock-Tower School”, because craftsman from Sighişoara have mounted in 1896, on school’s frontispiece, a clock brought from Austria, which for a long time has been the only clock from the city.

Therefore, the contest has been called “THE CLOCK-TOWER SCHOOL”.

Considering the students’ desire of competing at other school subjects, the contest had gain a special ampleness, including tests of Romanian, English, Romanians’ History and Geography of Romania.

At the tenth edition, in 2007, students from over 30 counties participated and at Mathematics test the juniors and students batches from Romania and even batches from Serbia and Bulgaria :

-         1.600  students at Mathematics test;

-         1.040  students at Romanian test;

-         600  students at English test;

-        140  students at History / Geography.

Having a numerous participation, the contest is a very important test before the National Olympiads.  

            Since 2008, the contest has been developing in two diferent periods:

-        “The Clcok-Tower School” National Interdisciplinary Contest which takes place at the end of the second week of the year and has the Romanian test, English test, History test and Geography test.

-        “The Clock-Tower School” Mathematics Contest which takes place in March, two weeks after the County Stage of Mathematics Olympiad.

In June 2010 took place the 14th edition of Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad in Râmnicu

Vâlcea and Băile Olăneşti, occasion to have friendships with students and teachers from the participating countries.

            Starting with the edition from 2011, delegations from: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Montenegru, Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine has been invited.